Monday Writers' Tarot

Week of Aug. 31

It’s a new week and almost a new month. The message for this week comes to us from the Five of Cups (from Everyday Witch’s Tarot).

Oh dear. Three of this witch’s cups have spilled. Things haven’t gone like she’d planned. She’s grieving the loss of all that delicious wine!

And yet, look behind her: Two cups, an almost-full bottle of wine, a lobster platter, all she can eat salad and breadsticks!, and a furry friend. And Balloons, y’all! Plus, she’s on a beach. If she’d just look up and recognize what’s around her, maybe the loss won’t feel so all-consuming.

This card reminds us that even in the midst of great disappointment, we still have so many blessings. Grieve, yes, honor your emotions, but do not lose sight of the bounty that still exists on your table.

I should also note that when this card fell out of the deck this morning, it brought our old friend the Nine of Pentacles along. Remember her from last week? This energy is clearly still at play this week.

Interestingly, both of these cards have a big “count your blessings” vibe. There’s so much bad stuff right now. It feels worse if all you do is stare intently at the bad. Take some time this week to pull your eyes away form the dumpster fires of social media and the news. Look up and around, remember there is still good and hope in this world. Get some perspective. Don’t worry that you’ll forget to fight when you need to—knowing what’s worth fighting for is important too.

Have a great week, friends!