Weekly Writer's Tarot

Welcome to a new week! The tarot theme for this week is the Nine of Pentacles.

Pentacles is the suit of earthly matters and finances. Nine is the number of an almost complete cycle.

In this image we see a woman enjoying the fruits of her labor. She’s resting after a period of hard work—reading a book and enjoying some wine under a fruitful tree.

The energy of this card is positive. It could indicate a financial boon arriving from a project you’ve recently completed. Or the celebration of self-reliance following a period of struggle. It can also indicate the possibilities that result from taking good care of yourself. Be sure to take some time to enjoy your successes this week.

On another fun note, notice that the woman in this card had red-and-black hair like a certain heroine we all know and love. To me this is a clear sign that I need to spend some time this week acknowledging and celebrating my own hard work.

Have a great week, friends!