Writer's Tarot

Week of Sept. 14, 2020

Happy Monday, friends!

This week’s reading is Page of Pentacles.

This card represents a new phase in our lives. We’re being guided toward the energy of initiation this week—new projects, new skills, new attitudes. The choices you make this week could set the foundation for a new phase of your life. Since it’s in the suit of Pentacles in the Court Card of earth (pages), it’s surrounding earthy concerns, such as your physical body, security, or money.

Are you trying a new genre? Starting a new project? Trying a new way to bring in money for your writing? Or are you trying to start new habits to support your work, like getting more exercise or eating better? This week is good timing for you.

Study is inherent in any new undertaking. Focus on learning the new skills you’ll need for this new project. Let yourself enjoy the excitement of being a beginner and trust that with time, study, and good habits you’ll get where you want to be.

While you’re learning and trying new things, also remember that goals are created day-by-day through a series of habits. How are you setting yourself up for success? What habits and routines are going to need to change to support this new project?