Woo Wednesday

I woke up thinking it was Thursday. That’s just how it goes in Lockdownland, I guess. Alas, it is Wednesday and that means we Woo.

Woo Max

This is Max. My sweet boy who has been fighting cancer since the fall. First he had his leg amputated right before Christmas, and since then he’s been doing chemo every three weeks. But today he’s graduating! No more chemo for this good boy. That’s very woo!

Woo Workouts

Let’s face it, writers aren’t known to be the most fit bunch of people. I tend to live in my head and forget that I also have to take care of this vehicle that moves my brain around. Never mind that keeping my vehicle in fine shape makes the brain work better.

Regardless, last year I joined My Peak Challenge after watching Kevin Hearne’s wife, Kimberly, transform herself into a kick-ass super heroine. She was already smart and kind, but now she’s also strong and able to do amazing physical feats. She’s even a certified personal trainer now.

I joined MPC last year and got on a nice roll with it. Then I pushed myself too hard, my sciatic nerve rebelled, and everything ground to a halt. I rejoined this year with the intention of rolling again, but then life and the pandemic conspired to give me lots of excuses for not exercising again. I love a good excuse and I love cookies even more.

Anyway, here I am recommitting myself to it. I’m teaming up with my BFF Nicole Peeler (she has an awesome newsletter you should read, too) and we’re going to inspire the shit out of each other through the program. The goal isn’t to lose weight—it’s to be able to sleep better, brain better, and just be better better. I always feel more confident and optimistic after sweating for an hour.

Yesterday was my first workout back and my legs hate me this morning. But it’s sort of like writing. I hate writing right before I do it, and often while I’m doing it, but I’m also more happy and energized afterward. The juice is always worth the squeeze.

If you want info about the program you can find it here. I love it because it’s inspirational—you can set more than just workout goals—and membership fees go to great charitable causes. Plus, for fans of Outlander, Sam Heughan is the founder.

Je suis prest, y’all.

That’s all the woo I can handle at the moment. What’s woo in your world today?

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