Weekly Writer's Tarot

Happy Monday, friends! It’s time for another tarot reading for the upcoming week.

This week’s card:

Three of Pentacles (drawn from the Modern Witch Tarot—I love this deck)

Keywords: Creativity, self-expression, skill, rewards, collaboration

What a fantastic card for writers! This card brings a message of creative satisfaction for the next week. You will express your creativity in a practical way and enjoy that work. You will master the craft if taking abstract ideas and grounding them into concrete form.

This is also an auspicious card for any sort of creative collaboration. It could be working with a mentor or a critique group, or even having virtual write-ins that keep everyone motivated.

Speaking of write-ins, I’m hosting several this month for paid subscribers of Wells Writing Workshop. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we meet to write. In honor of Nano, I’m also leaving the room open all day and night for the month so people can meet up and work together. We also have a slack channel where we let each other know if we’re going to be writing and keeping up with news and links. If you’re craving some creative fellowship, subscribe today so you can join us!

Now, back to the three of pentacles.

The other cool thing is that Pentacles can indicate that whatever project you’re working on under this influence could yield some monetary success, and that other people will experience enjoyment from the work you’re doing.

Overall, I’d say this is some great news for us. Now, go get some words down my friends, and don’t forget to have fun.

Happy writing!