Weekly Writer's Tarot

The card for this week is Judgment.

Yeah, I know. This week of all weeks.

I won’t get into the political connections to this card because this is a reading aimed toward writers and creativity, but it’s not not significant politically, just saying.

Judgment keywords: Breakthrough, Revelation, Inner calling, Forgiveness, Rebirth

The Judgment card in Tarot usually has heavy biblical imagery. It’s the moment when people are called forward to be judged for their deeds. It’s a wakeup call—a time to come clean with yourself and the universe so that you can chart a new course. It’s also a time to give yourself the gift of grace for past mistakes so that you can move forward.

The timing of this card is important because tomorrow Mercury stations direct again after a few weeks of being retrograde. We’ve discussed in previous readings this month how Mercury Retrograde is a time when issues from the past resurface so they can be dealt with. So if there’s any lingering issues you need to face, do it now. Because a rebirth is coming, but you won’t be ready for it until you’ve dealt with your shit.

This week you might receive a flash of insight or breakthrough in your creative life. A new idea? A new approach? An old belief suddenly clears away to reveal an easier path? It’s all possible.

Judgment wants us to have a reckoning with ourselves so that we’re better able to hear the music of our souls. What’s your music? Are you ready to dance to it? Because it’s ready for you.

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