Weekly Writer's Tarot

Welcome to a new week! The card I’ve drawn for us this week is the seven of pentacles.

Seven of Pentacles Themes: patience, hard work, waiting.

I love this card because it’s definitely a writer’s card. Lots of people think about writing a book in terms of a lightning strike of inspiration, a furious round of typing, and a satisfying crescendo of The End.

The truth is that the bulk of writing looks a lot like this card. We nurture an idea by watering it regularly (sitting at the keyboard to write, brainstorming, researching, plotting). The story plant grows incrementally from a seed to a sprout to a stalk to a big leafy thing. It doesn’t happen quickly or glamorously. Only consistent and sometimes boring ritual gets those leaves to unfurl.

None of this, of course, even touches on the other painstaking process—taking a finished book to the market. Since this is a pentacles card it can speak to the financial potential of a project.

The point is that this week’s card tells us that the fruits of our labors are coming along nicely, they’re almost ripe. Continued work and patience will get us there. Don’t loose hope or motivation. The work you do now WILL pay off.

Things to consider: Assess your current project and ask yourself if it needs more water, more sunshine, some pruning. Do the work now and your crop will soon thrive.

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