Weekly Writer's Tarot

If you’ve been a follower of the Writer’s Tarot for a while, you’ll have noticed that it’s common for cards to repeat themselves as themes continue from one week to the next.

Today’s card is one that not only has repeated weekly, but now across months: The Page of Swords.

We pulled this card twice in a row in October, and in November, I pulled this card for the folks who turned out for the virtual writing retreat two days ago—and today she shows up again.

This is some major Beginner’s Mind energy, friends. The Page of Swords is an apprentice. She’s studied, but now she has to put that knowledge to practical use by doing the craft.

This is an especially germane card for writers. How many classes have you taken? How many craft books weigh down your shelves? How much do you talk about writing? Right now is the time to stop filling your head with knowledge and start putting your hands to work writing. After all, it is one thing to know about a craft and something else entirely to do it.

It’s also interesting to be getting this card during NaNoWrimo, which is all about getting words on the page as fast as possible. There really is no class that can teach you as much about writing as getting a draft done and having to go back and fix it.

So once again into the breech, my friends.

If it makes any difference, I have always said that writing is a craft that’s never truly mastered. We go from apprentice to journeyman and pretty much stay there. Even as we believe we master one element of writing, something comes up to challenge us. So, put your hands on the keyboard, fill your pens with ink, and get to work.