Friday Tarot Prompt

The Fool

Jaye Wells

Hello, my friends. It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another tarot prompt. Today’s card holds a special place in my heart, and I always associate it with stories and writers:

The Fool

Keywords: Innocence, beginnings, opportunity, trust, hope, faith

The Fool is the first card of the major arcana. It depicts an optimistic youth setting off on a journey—usually right off a cliff. This is the card of beginnings. It’s the moment Dorothy’s ruby slipper touches the yellow brick road. All is potential and instinct.

For your Stories

This is the moment that your character sets off toward their goal. They have no idea what monsters or obstacles await them in the big, wide world. They don’t know what they don’t know, and that’s why they can set off on this journey toward wisdom with such optimism.

Keep in mind that The Fool isn’t always a farm boy or other youth. A grizzled detective or a middle aged divorcee can also set off on this Fool’s Journey. This is because we are constantly starting new paths to different wisdoms in life. Journeys have beginnings and ends, and each end brings a new beginning.

Story Prompts:

-What does The Fool carry in that little hobo bag? Write about each item’s reason for inclusion.

-Write a scene from the perspective of The Fool’s little dog.

-Write a story where a woman of 90 is setting off on a Fool’s Journey.

For Your Creative Journey

Every act of creation requires a leap of faith. We never feel ready enough.

Sometimes writers think that if they do this thing long enough they’ll become masters. But one of my most important writing dictums is that writing is a craft that is never full mastered. You can move beyond the apprentice stage, but no one gets beyond journeyman. Because the minute you believe yourself to be a master is the moment I’ll tell you you’ve stagnated.

In Buddhism, there’s a lot of emphasis on beginner’s mind. The idea is that if you show up to every interaction open to learning you will keep learning. Beginner’s mind requires vulnerability. It’s the risk of appearing foolish on the way to wisdom.

Every story is a new journey. Each will teach you something about the craft. They’ll also teach you something about you. Some will challenge un-mined parts of you, and some will bring you to deep knowledge of well-tread ground.

I have an affinity for The Fool because he reminds me that there are always new cliffs from which to leap, and each time I’ll discover a new way to fly.

Questions to ask yourself:

-What are you avoiding because you’re scared to look foolish?

-When was the last time you created something spontaneously and just for fun?

-The Fool must travel light. What baggage do you need to drop in order to set out on the Fool’s Journey?

Let’s talk about fools in comments!

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