Friday Tarot Prompt

Happy Friday, Friends!

Today I pulled out prompt from my Morgan-Greer deck. This week’s card is the Eight of Wands.

At first glance, this card doesn’t give us much symbolism to go by. It’s just some sticks suspended in air. When I look at this card, I feel a little quickening in my solar plexus. There’s a sense of motion in this image, which is enhanced by the thundercloud in the background and the river. The rods also look as if they are mid-flight.

Wands is the suit of Action and symbolizes fire. Eight represents motion, transition or progress.

Key Words: Quick Change, Speed, News Arriving, Action

For your stories:

-What is your protagonist rushing into?

-Is there a new direction for growth they need to pursue?

-I see this card as representing the point of no return when your character is swept up into the journey toward what they desire. It’s the card of acting when the time is right, of taking risks.

Write the scene of the moment when your protagonist is catapulted out of their comfort zone and set off toward their goal.

For Your Creative Journey

This may be a time of inspiration for you. Things could be happening fast and you’re having to make quick decisions. Maybe you’re hustling to keep up with all the ideas your muses are throwing at you right now.

When was the last time you let yourself be carried away by your imagination? Or by a mission or message? What do you need to tell others about?

This is your message to take action. The time is right to share your message or go after that dream. If you’ve been waiting for a sign—this is it.

The time is now.

Here are some songs to inspire you to action today:

-Breed by Nirvana (this is my favorite song to fast-write to)

-Creator by Santogold

-Thunderstruck by ACDC

-Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas

-Clampdown by The Clash

-Freedom by Rage Against the Machine

If this playlist doesn’t make you want to go kick some ass, I can’t help ya.

Git after it, friends.

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